How to Ruin a Kitty’s Life in 60 Seconds by City the Kitty

How to ruin a kitty’s life in 60 seconds…in the hands of a “doctor.”
Hi, my name is Teeger. 6 months ago I was declawed at an AAHA, standard of excellence, veterinary hospital, which means only 15% of vet clinics get this top rated accreditation.
My sister, brother, and I, all had our toe bones and claws amputated by the old school method, by a 30 yr member AVMA vet who was also an AAFP and California Veterinary Medical Association member. In fact, our owners were talked OUT of using soft paws by the owner of the AAHA hospital and the AVMA vet who declawed us. They said declawing is a standard procedure and that we would be ok.
Here is part of the oath veterinarians take…”Being admitted to the profession of veterinary medicine, I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health and welfare, the prevention and relief of animal suffering,”
Because of complications from these declaws, we all have had either all or most of our paws amputated and are living a nightmare of pain and suffering.
Here is a comment from a veterinarian on a vet website about the topic of declawing and he was commenting about the “crushing” method that he uses. This vets specialty is orthopedic surgery, he was a past President of a major veterinary association, and was even named vet of the year.
“At the risk of stirring the pot, which is easy to do when the topic is declawing, I would make the point that this case and really all of the serious declaw complications we see (at least the ones that are hard to fix) are related to the use of tourniquets and/or bandages. The circulatory or neurologic problems that result can be catastrophic. That’s the major reason why I don’t use a scalpel blade but am a “crusher.” In using a RONGEUR (look up the definition), my tourniquet time is 60 seconds at most…for both feet. Also, why do we bandage these feet? I’ve never understood why that’s necessary!”
Please reach out to YOUR veterinarian and ask them to honor the oath they took to heal and help animals and STOP declawing. I have a growing list on my website,, of many humane vets and practices who don’t do this mutilating surgery anymore.
If your vet won’t stop declawing, you have the option of taking your business to one of these doctors who completely honors the oath they took. The more you all do this, the sooner we will end declawing.
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