Bandito’s paws have been butchered. Each toe is split…

This cat is currently in Huntsville, AL.

UPDATE: Bandito is at a cat sanctuary, for more info, see his facebook page below. 12/2015

This is an update on Leo, the Bengal cat that was marked for euthanasia in the shelter in Birmingham, Alabama. It also give us a platform to show people how a declaw can go wrong and why cats shouldn’t be declawed.

Leo, now known as Bandito, was front paw declawed by a vet who had no business declawing any cat. Bandito’s paws have been butchered. Each toe is split – front to back – where the claw was removed. The paw pads are also split. To add insult to injury, his back nails were trimmed into the quick. He doesn’t get up and walk around except to eat and use the litterbox.

Bandito also exhibits signs of having been abused. He is terrified of everyone and everything. He cries when you touch him or talk to him. He curls up tight when anyone is near him, or flattens himself as if he is trying to avoid detection. Despite all this, he doesn’t bite, never tries to hurt you. Foster has tried giving him his space and has also tried invading his space. Either way he is just the saddest little guy. When the foster picks him up, he curls into the tightest little ball he can. He never fights, just curls up and tenses his body If she sits by him, he will give her his chin after several minutes of stroking.

Bandito needs lots of love and good vibes sent his way!!! We are forever grateful to Jamie Hitt, a Bengal breeder in Huntsville, who stepped up to foster him and now to work with him. He will have his own facebook page set up today or tomorrow so that people can follow his progress. He will be going to the vet this week to determine the extent of the damage to his feet and to see what, if anything, can be done. Please don’t declaw your cats – there are other options.

Bandito’s Facebook Page

Paw Project Facebook Timeline

August 2015



  1. They are. It is sad the AVMA will not change their policy and stop their veterinarians from declawing,because they ALL profit from kitty claws. Well, this kitty says the AVMA is headed for a crash when they least expect it. Kitties have intuition.

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