Meet Coco Cupcake – Declawed, Limping, Biting

ANOTHER HOMELESS DECLAWED CAT HELPED: This is Coco Cupcake from the Indianapolis Humane Society. She is 8 years old and declawed on her front feet. When she was surrendered, staff quickly noticed that she was limping, unable to jump very high and would only tolerate brief head and neck petting before she would try to bite. Being the educated staff they are, the medical team took Xrays of her toes looking for a source of pain that may need surgical attention. The Xray below shows the triangular bone fragments that were left behind from her declaw many years ago. Her next stop was to see Dr. Nicole Martell-Moran (Paw Project Indiana State Director) at the Cat Care Clinic of Indianapolis for surgery and treatment for pain.
On examination she had profound back pain and swelling around her toes. She not only had bone fragments but she had nail tissue regrowing under the skin (part of that tissue is still attached to the bone in the pic below).
Two weeks after surgery and beginning longer term pain medication she has recovered well and become affectionate, seeking out human contact INCLUDING petting. Because of the damage declawing caused her (not just the bone fragments) she may need pain medication in some capacity for life. Please share her story so we can save other cats from her fate!