This sweet ginger cat who was dumped by his owner at a Georgia shelter isn’t doing well and needs immediate rescue.

Meet George, a 6-year-old beauty who first had the misfortune to be declawed by his owner, who has now dumped him at Cobb County Animal Control in Marietta. George must realize his family is never coming back to take him home. He sits in his small cage, day in and day out, wondering what he did wrong to deserve this fate.

Poor George isn’t doing well. He was already depressed after being dumped by his owner back on June 23 and now he has come down with the nasty shelter URI. The poor boy feels miserable and has been huddled in his litter box. He won’t get adopted in his current condition, and needs a rescue to step up to save his life.

People in the animal advocacy world are doing all they can to help George get out of the shelter. A total of $235 has been pledged to a rescue approved by Cobb County Animal Control to save him. The pledges these kind souls have raised will go a long way in treating his upper respiratory infection, should he need additional veterinary care.

Cobb County Animal Control
1060 Al Bishop Dr.
Marietta, GA 30008
(770) 499-4136

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