Meet Malikhi – Living in Pain for Six Years

This is Malikhi. He was declawed when he was a kitten and below are some photos of what he has lived with for the past 6 years. Nail has regrown, thick calluses have formed in the areas where toe bone wasn’t covered by a paw pad and varying sizes of bone fragments embedded in his paw pads.
His owner is a certified veterinary assistant with the Cat Care Clinic of Indianapolis that had him all four declawed elsewhere at the recommendation of her vet, before she was trained and before she knew what the procedure really entailed. (She has vowed never to declaw a cat again.) When hired recently she brought him in for a paw evaluation and this is what Dr. Nicole Martell-Moran (Paw Project Indiana State Director ) found.
Malikhi received paw repair surgery yesterday and is recovering well. Wish him luck in his new life!