Meet Odie – Declawed and Not Using the Litter Box

ANOTHER DECLAWED CAT RECEIVES PAW REPAIR SURGERY: This is Odie and he was declawed many years ago on the front feet. Today as a 5 year old he doesn’t use his litter box very well. His current owner is patient with his problems and knows that he cannot help it but wanted to make him more comfortable. She took Odie to see Dr. Nicole Martell-Moran at the Cat Care Clinic of Indianapolis last week for a free paw evaluation. He did have bone fragments visible on the Xrays however, there were other problems too including a bone spur poking through the skin (this is different that a bone fragment left behind) and very red, irritated skin around the paw pads. This poor boy wouldn’t let us even touch him with out sedation. Thanks to donations, the Paw Project covered the costs of his surgery. Dr. Moran removed bone fragments, removed the bone spurs, repositioned the paw pads and removed the inflamed skin around the paw pads.
Today he is doing well at home after his paw repair surgery. Thanks to all of his supporters!