AVMA refuses to change their policy, they banned declawing of exotic and wild cats. Can anyone tell me why they refuse to change their policy? A cat is a cat is a cat. They openly said they will not change their policy.

A DECLAW TRAGEDY: This is Ollie. He was declawed on ALL four feet and found outside NOT neutered. This sweet boy was taken in and is now spoiled rotten however, he has developed a litterbox aversion – maybe the reason he was put outside in the first place.
Yesterday, he went to see the Paw Project-Indiana Director, Dr. Nicole Moran, at the Cat Care Clinic of Indianapolis for a free paw evaluation. Massive bone fragments were found on X-rays, along with visible nail regrowth occuring underneath the skin.
Thanks to the Paw Project, today he received the paw repair surgery he so desperately needed. Although we cannot give him back his normal toe bones, we can make him more comfortable.
Please SHARE his story so we can continue to educate cat guardians about the pain and suffering declawing can cause. ‪#‎pawproject‬

If they ‘fully’ agreed about the complications they would have banned declawing long ago. A declawed cat is most likely to end up at the shelter to get euthanized, not so for an intact cat. Declawed cats develope problems, with the litter box and numerous other issues. A declawed cat does not stay in the home, ask any shelter who will not give their cats up if they are going to be declawed. AVMA has an extremely flawed logic regarding declawing. I wonder why? They were promoting declawing at the 2015 Boston Convention, they went as far as to say one can profit from declawing.