Another reason NOT to declaw. Rochelle is in bad shape, her life is on a thread. Please educate everyone you know about declawing, get the facts, there are plenty of facts on the internet, declawing aka bone amputation ruins a cat for life. Your declawed cat IS in pain, you don’t recognize it because they hide their pain and you are used to declawed cats. If you put a declawed cat and an intact cat together, you can tell the difference in their gaits. Cats walk on their toes, when the toes are amputated, they walk on their wrists.

From The Paw Project -Utah

Hi all! Rochelle here! Some people might be wondering what happened to me….you might remember that I had a bad case of osteomyelitis (infection in my bones) from my declaw procedure a year ago…well I have cleared up that infection in my feet but now I have a new problem…..SEVERE CHRONIC LYMPHOPLASMACYTIC STOMATITIS is what Dr Doub and her pathologist friend are calling it. I haven’t been feeling so good recently (sore throat is an understatement…..more like sloughing throat…) but the ladies here at The Paw Project-Utah are taking good care of me….the problem is that I am declawed and already had a bad bone infection and now I have to be on STEROIDS…the ladies around here call this the “balancing act from hell” or a “ticking time bomb”. Bottom line is that my little immune system is on overdrive and that coupled with the fact that someone maimed me, I could get a life threatening infection in my paws at ANY MINUTE. Sooooo….Dr D is taking me under her wing for a bit….please be sure to share my story…..reason #1000 not to declaw. I have a full time live in vet and 2 nurses to force feed and medicate me, but I am lucky….what is happening to those declawed cats without access to the care like I have received?

The Paw Project -Utah
June 30, 2015