Meet Rogue – Declawed, Unwanted, Abused. He met his peace.

My Name is Rogue

I was born around 10 years ago. I was a cute little kitten and I had a nice family, who gave me food and lots of snuggles. I started scratching on the furniture and the kids, and they cut my claws off. It was so painful I stopped using the litter box- I tried to tell them that it hurt, but they didn’t understand. I got yelled at for not using the litter box. Then they put me outside.

It was terrifying outside with other cats and raccoons and dogs. I had no claws to protect myself so I hid.

My family left food outside for me, for a while. My bowl sat empty for a long long time. Then my people left.

The new people didn’t like me. They kicked me or sprayed me with water. I tried to find some other people, but they all looked at me with disgust. I was really skinny and had lots of fleas. After being hurt once, my head started to twitch. My fur started to get thin and patchy.

I tried taking food that people left out in bowls for other kitties- I tried to be polite and ask nicely. I told them how hungry I was. They just told me to go away.

I was on my own for years, getting beat up by other cats, dogs, humans. I was so very tired. I curled up in the sunlight near a truck to rest.

Some kids found me, and thought I was dead. I woke up with them poking at me. “Ew, it’s all crusty. Gross. Don’t touch it. It’s probably got rabies. oh wait, watch this…” I flew through the air-and hit the ground. I was so confused. the other kid kicked me, and then the first kicked me again from the other side. I flew through the air again. I didn’t hiss or try to fight back. I just didn’t care anymore, I just wanted the pain to stop. I tried to get up and walk away but it hurt so much. Everything inside was on fire, I needed to get away.

Then my angel came. A lady ran up and yelled at the kids to stop. She scooped me up into her arms and took me into her car. It hurt to be held but she was so wonderful. So warm and kind. She spoke softly to me, and I heard her crying. I crawled onto her lap and closed my eyes. My angel took me to her house, and her family were all very nice to me. They worried about what to do because I was so sickly. They called Meow Village, and took me to a new angel’s home. This lady had a bunch of kitties. She said that she was a foster mom for Meow Village, and first we needed to get rid of my fleas.

She gave me a bath which I didn’t like but it was nice to get the fleas and dirt off. She fed me, and told me that I needed more meat on my bones if I was going to get any better. I tried. She snuggled me, and held me in her arms. I could feel her worry. I was just so tired. I tried to purr a bit to make her feel better. I didn’t want my foster mom to worry.

The next day we went into the vet. So many people were looking at me kindly, instead of looking disgusted and shocked. They were all very kind, and gentle. They poked, and I was very good. I didn’t want to get put back outside. Just let me stay inside, and I will be good I tried to tell them with my eyes. But everything just hurt. I didn’t want to hurt anymore. The Dr. knew what was wrong with me- she said I had been out on my own for a long time, had been abused, and I was in renal failure. I weighed less than 5 pounds, and my kidneys were shutting down. I guess that’s why I hadn’t urinated in days. I just hurt.

I looked at my new foster mom. It’s ok I said with my eyes. I’m ready. Thank you.

The Dr gave me an injection, and my foster mom held me while I fell asleep for the last time, finally with no pain.

Although we don’t know exactly what happened to Rogue before his angel found him being kicked, it’s not hard to guess. His life could have been so much different with a few choices made by humans.

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.”


Story by:

September 26, 2015