Veterinarians who declaw cats KNOW they are harming and crippling them, why will they not stop? After Sapphire’s owner dumped her did the owner get another cat to replace Sapphire and have that cat declawed to? Do you see a pattern?


FROM THE PAW PROJECT MAILBOX: “Dear Paw Project, I just want to contribute my observations from my recent rescue of a little cat who appeared on my neighbor’s back steps a week ago. Sapphire is a very sweet purebred Himalayan, less than five years old, whose front and back paws have been declawed. She won’t used the litter box and walks with a straddle-legged gait to keep her balance. When we found her, she weighed only three pounds. Her fur was so badly matted that the vet had to shave most of it off, and we discovered that she also has only the stump of a tail. Because she is new to the neighborhood, we can only speculate that she was dumped here. Of course I will never know, but it seems likely that her abandonment stemmed from her declawing and subsequent aversion to the litter box — combined with the difficulty of grooming her, which is a daily necessity of this long-haired breed. Making declawing illegal is an important step in protecting our companion animals from such a life-changing misfortune….Thank you for creating such a necessary and vital project. Best, Julie S”