Cyber Sniveling- Pass them a tissue.

Cyber Sniveling- Pass them a tissue.
I am City the Kitty and I do NOT condone REAL cyber bullying, harassment, threatening, or attacking anyone.
Poor veterinarians needlessly amputate cats’ toes and hate it that they look bad for doing so.
In the on going discussion about the topic of cyber bullying and how some in the veterinary profession use the term to hide behind, because they don’t like being called out for hurting cats or looking the other way, let’s talk about the core of what the issue really is. Vets are not bullied by anti-declaw compassionate people, they’re simply being politely asked to stop breaking their oath to do no harm. That I know.
Many veterinarians in North America are performing declaw surgery and that is very inhumane, cruel, and unnecessary for cats. Many offer coupons for it, don’t counsel clients about it, and make a good income of doing it.
Amputating toes is a form of torture, (which, last time I checked, was a whole lot more serious than what they’re sniveling about).
Why would an animal “doctor” do such a horrible thing anyway? Good question. All I know is they use the excuse that they HAVE to because their clients demand it.
Here’s a thought: Since when do vets listen to their clients? Try this simple test: call your vet and say, “I need you to give me the diuretic Lasix for my cat and if you don’t, I’m throwing my cat out of the house.” Didn’t work? Or try this, call them up and ask them to declaw your rescue dog because it’s scratching your floors and if they don’t you will take it back to the shelter. Did that work? Of course not. And rightly so.
So why can you call up and say, “Mutilate my cat’s paws, or I’m throwing my cat out of the house,” and they immediately acquiesce? I actually don’t know the answer to this. It is rather absurd. I guess the vets will whine, “We were bullied into declawing! We don’t want to, sniff sniff, but we have to!” Poor vets, forced into doing a lucrative surgery by a phone call.
The fact is that there are thousands and thousands of DECLAWED cats who lost their homes and are in shelters today alone and awaiting their deaths because their ex owners threw them out for biting issues or not using the litter box- it hurts too much to dig with their poor paws. Declawing does NOT guarantee a cat will be kept in a home, they seem to lose their homes at an increased rate.
Hello veterinarians who declaw kitties? If you’re so concerned about cats losing their homes, why aren’t you rescuing the poor babies you declawed? Guess who is rescuing the few lucky ones who will make it out alive? The rescue groups who have strict no-declaw policies. It isn’t complicated.
Vets who took an oath to heal animals, start honoring it and stop declawing cats, and sniveling. And pass them a tissue.
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