Cyber Sniveling- The WhineFest

Cyber Sniveling- The WhineFest
I am City the Kitty and I’m here to announce that I do NOT condone REAL cyber bullying, harassing, threatening, or attacking anyone, not even veterinarians who declaw or who declaw kitties on ALL 4 paws. Of course I don’t, so why am I bringing this up?
It has been reported by some veterinary associations and a few well-known, self-righteous veterinarians, and a couple of the America’s Favorite Veterinarian Contest Contestants, that they are victims of “cyber bullying” because animal advocates don’t like veterinarians performing unethical practices.
I think that they are irresponsibly using this catch term for the clever, yet twisted technique of taking the focus off their unethical practices like declawing, and are putting the focus on themselves as victims.
“Poor us, we maim innocent kitties and we don’t want to be called out for it.” I think they even have tiny violins playing. At least that has been my experience. One smart person called it a Whinefest, but I’ll be more politically correct.
Back to the inaccurate accusation of “cyber bullying”…
I’m good at smelling fish, true, but anyone can smell something is fishy here.
How is it that the kind, compassionate, and loving people who are just trying to protect kitty paws from a well-known form of torture (amputation) are being called terrorists and bullies, when the people performing the horrible act of declawing are considered victims?
I can count all the way up to 26, mostly because I have so many extra toes, and this still doesn’t add up!
Do you think it does?
Next Part 2- Cyber Sniveling- Pass Them A Tissue
This will be a 5 part Series
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