Letter To Your Veterinarian Who Declaws

Dear Dr ____ and staff,
I have been a client of yours for __ years and have thus far been happy with the care my animals have received. That said, however, I have concerns, after doing considerable study on the subject, about your continued practice of performing elective declawing on cats.
I now know that this is what I would consider to be a barbaric practice, this surgical amputation of the first digit, causing great pain and suffering at the time of the surgery, and not infrequently having negative long term effects.
I consider you to be compassionate people and so have difficulty reconciling my experience with you with your ongoing practice of performing declaws. It goes against the ideal of causing no harm. It makes me wonder if profit is more important than being humane, and has caused me to lose confidence, as there seems to be a credibility gap.
For this reason, I can no longer continue my relationship with you as your client. I do wish you well, and should your policy change, would be happy to again consider you to be my veterinary support.
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