Paw Project Helps Cat With Bone Protruding Through Pads

ANOTHER PAINFUL DECLAWED CAT HELPED: This is sweet Miss Kitten in Indiana. She is 3 years old and was declawed on the front feet when she was 6 months old. Her owner immediately noticed a difference in her activity level and with time it got worse. She doesn’t run and play anymore and prefers to lay down. Over a couple of years her weight drastically increased, she stopped grooming normally and stopped using the litter box. A friend referred her to the Paw Project and a free paw evaluation with Dr. Moran (PP-Indiana State Director) at the Cat Care Clinic of Indianapolis.

Xrays don’t show bone fragments but demonstrate how the toe joints can contract and “freeze” like hammer toe in people. She also suffers with back pain and her paw pads aren’t covering the remaining toe bones. Luckily there is hope for her! She was started on pain meds and a weight management routine. We will update you in a couple weeks on her progress!

We cannot give her back the toes she was born with but we can help relieve her pain and support a kitty owner to forgo declawing in the future.

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