Mad Doctors Declawing Rabbits And Other Animals-For ‘Science’



Declawed Cat With Bone Fragments- Severe Personality Change



I have never been more against declawing a cat than I am right now.
I’m disgusted with the person that did this to her. I am livid with the person that did this to her and I am DEVASTATED for my once social, love able amazing past foster Syndee.

Sydnee was born in my care almost 2 years ago after her Momma was pulled from a high kill shelter, very pregnant.
Sydnee and her siblings were some of the sweetest, loving babies I’ve ever fostered.

At 10 weeks of age, Sydnee went to a “forever” home (or so we thought). A few months after her adoption her new home decided they would declaw her. They amputated her toes from the first knuckle, that’s what declawing is. Amputation and mutilation of a cats toes/feet.
3 months later, Sydnee started changing. Her behavior was becoming aggressive.
Fast forward a year and Sydnee is so aggressive they decide they no longer want her.
When the adoptive family contacted me, I asked if she’d been declawed because that was my first thought. It’s so common with declawing. Aggression and not using a litter box are side affects of the pain from declaw.
So of course they said “yes they declawed her but that didn’t cause her problems”. And I find out that back in July she had to go through a second surgery to “repair” a botched declaw. Bone fragments had been left behind and she was in pain.

The damage is done, Sydnee is no longer the funny, happy loving kitten she was.
She is now a miserable, aggressive, fearful cat. Her kitten hood was taken from her. Her ability to play and be happy was taken from her.

She is now back with me and a part of PawPrints Animal Rescue and we will do everything we can to help Sydnee, but she needs prayers that it’s not too late. Not too late to bring back the happy, content girl that she once was.
I can’t touch her. I can’t hold her and let her know everything will be OK because of her fear and hatred towards people. More heartbreaking than anything you could ever experience.

I’m asking you to share this. I’m asking you to educate anyone you know of that wants to declaw their cat/kitten. I’m asking you to beg them not to do this. Show them this cat. Is this what they want?
Oh, and please show them the pictures of Sydnee in the comments below. Show them what an adorable, sweet baby she was, then show them the video of what she’s become.