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  1. Is this serious? Do you understand how much vets love pets and providing the best medical care? Every surgery comes with risks and the most important part is the owners responsibility for aftercare. This blog should be about the owner who elected 4 paw declaw and then neglected the aftercare causing this cruel situation. I wish every vet I met offered to be so kind and help with the situation. Please adjust the title to “vets do everything they can for cat, owner botches basic care.”


  2. The doctor should not have declawed the cat. I am not changing the title. The AVMA cashes in on kitty claws and has caused numerous sufferings since1950 when they commercialized declawing. Declawing is illegal in 44 countries for a reason. This is not the only doctor who botched a declaw, there are numerous others. Declawing is a barbaric amputation that is used to test pain meds. How about I cut all ten of YOUR fingers up to the first knuckle and not give you enough meds and not bring you for followups when your bones start protruding through the skin? Cats walk on their toes and doctors are chopping their toes off for greed and money. Sick Bastards.

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  3. What is even more disturbing about this, is that while the owner of the cat and the veterinarian are arguing over whose fault the outcome was, the poor cat, the victim, was suffering and will suffer for the rest of his life from the amputation of his 18 toe ends. Shame on the owner who asked for this cruel surgery and shame on the veterinarian who breaks his oath to cause no animal to suffer every time he declaws a cat. This is a criminal offence in other civiilsed countries and everyone involved in this amputation of this poor unfortunate cat’s essential toe ends would be prosecuted and punished and rightly so. How many more cats have to suffer before this disgraceful mutilation of innocent animals is stopped!

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  4. Sorry Henry but you are dead wrong. Not all vets care about animals. Do you think Kristen Erin Lindsey loved Tiger? She’s not the only psychopath in the field.
    Any vet willing to amputate healthy toes cares more about profit than patients.

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  5. Outrageous! Instead of telling your client that a four paw declaw would take a little longer you should have followed AVMA GUIDELINES at the very least… a two paw declaw is performed ONLY AS A LAST RESORT, and you are amputating the toes on all paws? Did the “good doctors” even mention the word AMPUTATION to the client? Did they mention that the amputation is illegal in 44 countries because it is considered mutilation? Did they ask if they owner had tried a scratching post?

    Doctors it is sickening what you have done to this feline and continue to inflict on your innocent victims and unsuspecting clients.

    My vets deceived me, I wouldn’t be surprised if that is what happened here. My cats suffered because my vets were not honest with me. I will never again employ a vet who declaws cats.

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