Dear AVMA,
You say in your official policy to your veterinarians that declawing should be a last resort and NOT a common procedure. You CONDEMN declawing in exotic cats because of the pain and suffering but won’t do the same for domestic cats.
Why don’t you just teach vets how to heal and prevent pain in cats at your big convention in Boston in July?
Why do you want to have your laser company friends, Aesculight, teach your vets how to skillfully amputate kitties toe bones and claws for profit???
Did you forget how you revised the veterinary oath in 2010 to say you would protect animal health and prevent animal suffering?
“From today forward, every graduate entering our profession will swear an oath not only to protect animal health but also welfare; to not only relieve animal suffering but to prevent it. That’s a powerful statement defining ourselves and our responsibilities, not a vague symbol,” said Dr. Bruce Nixon, chairman-elect of the AVMA’s Animal Welfare Committee.
Declawing causes pain, it causes suffering, it is wrong, it is inhumane, it is mutilation of a part of a cat’s body that is so important to its health and well-being. 95% of the reasons for declawing are for a piece of furniture.
And you are TEACHING it for PROFIT at your convention?
I’d say this sadly answers our question on the double standard as to why you won’t condemn declawing in domestic cats too. $$
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From CityTheKitty