FLASHBACK! SHOCKING TESTIMONY from Oregon last year! Thankfully, the Oregon declawing bill is dead because these three stooges had amendments added to continue to declaw. The bill would have been useless even if it was passed.
Be shocked, as Sharon Harmon, Executive Director, Oregon Humane Society was, and everyone who watched, jaw dropping testimony…she went in supporting the AVMA and came out not supporting them. The only reason I am posting this is for you to see just how cruel and barbaric the AVMA is.
8:50-Sen. Whitsett-The owner wanted me to pull all the healthy teeth out of his three year old Border Collie, so I did, to save the dog’s life.
57:20-Chuck Meyer OVMA President-A child in an abusive family will have a tighter bond with a declawed cat.
59:00-Sen. Gelser-Why do we have animal abuse laws when we can take our pets to the vet to get abused, it’s not animal abuse anymore?
1:02:10-Sharon Harmon OHS- I am shocked! I thought I heard it all! Teaching an abused child to abuse an animal by cutting off it’s toes? A veterinarian removing a dogs teeth to address normal behavior? I do not support the AVMA anymore. Ban declawing today!

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