Dr. Kirsten Doub Surgically Removes Bone Pieces From Declawed Jessie-Four Paw Declawed

We are so proud of our Directors!! Dr. Kirsten Doub was one of the earliest Paw Project Directors (see http://www.pawproject.org/team). From her hospital in Utah, she has been working diligently to help end declawing and has been performing surgical treatment (see photos below — they are very graphic, but very informative) and other therapies to mitigate the suffering of cats crippled by declawing.

Sweet Jessie is a 4 paw declaw that is up for adoption at Nuzzles & Co.
Union Park Veterinary Hospital performed a paw repair surgery on her hind paws. The Hind paws had the biggest fragments seen on x-ray, so that is where we started. Jessie will need front paw repair in the future as well.

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