Dr. Martell-Moran Removes Bone Pieces From Gina Cat-A Four Paw Declawed Cat

DECLAWED CHICAGO CAT HELPED: Dr. Nicole Martell-Moran (Paw Project Indiana State Director) from Indianapolis traveled to Chicago this past week to help with a paw surgery at Ravenswood Animal Hospital. The owner is Dr. Cindy Olsen, our Paw Project Illinois State Director.
This little girl was declawed on all four paws and pulling out her own hair on her feet. Hopefully removing the bone fragments that were left behind when declawed will help reduce some of her discomfort. Wish her luck in her recovery!

Gina is doing very well after her declaw repair surgery. Unfortunately, she had bone remnants in each of her digits. Many thanks to Dr. Nicole of the Paw Project Indiana for coming to Chicago to supervise the surgery.

Bone regrowth from P3 (the third phalanx or digit) is unfortunately a common aftermath of declawing. Imagine walking on the sharpest stone piercing your toe. Although she will never have her claws back, she will hopefully feel much better with the pieces removed.

Gina is such a sweet kitty and she is available for adoption at Harmony House Chicago.