Video-Declawed Cat Paralyzed And Bedridden

Declawed cat now paralyzed and bedridden. Video is on my Cassandra Cat Wants Her Claws Back Facebook Page.

imageWARNING: A heartrenching video to watch. Viewer discretion is advised.

She is a nameless declawed cat that would have been once a pet. A feeder in AMK found her at her usual feeding spot abandoned, utterly defenseless in an unfamiliar environment and badly beaten up by other cats. Her pelvis and lower spine is broken. She is now paralysed, bedridden and in pain.
The kind elderly feeder has taken her to the vet and the vet said she might die anytime because of her injuries. The feeder has many cats under her care but can’t stand for this poor cat to pass on from this cruel world without experiencing love and attention. But she needs help.
If you are an experienced fosterer willing to undertake end-of-life care for this cat’s remaining days, please email Because of the extent of her injures, 24hr round-the-clock care must be provided. She requires:
– Daily injections
– Feeding of medicine and food by hand
– IV drip 3 times a day
– A change pee pads every 2 hours
– A wipe down every 2 hours
– Vet visits for acupuncture
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