The Paw Project Re-Operates/Manny Walks On Stumps Instead Of Toes

From Dr. Mitsie Vargas, one of our Paw Project Directors in Florida: “This is Manny, it took me an hour to dissect 4 tendons out! I did his weight bearing feet. When I saw the badly damaged ends of the p2’s, I thought, “No wonder he has refused to walk since his declaw.” I did nerve blocks, acupuncture and cold laser treatment during the surgery. I definitely saw more relaxed digits after surgery! Praying it takes and he can find relief!”


New York State Veterinary Medical Society Please Close Shop!

You support legal animal cruelty because you profit from declawing. You stopped the no-declaw bill from passing with your filthy thousands of dollars of blood money. #SusanWylegala of #CheektowagaVeterinaryHospital, you are a disgrace to the animal kingdom, you charge $68 per toe bone!  You declaw on all fours! SHAME ON YOU.

Cornish Rex Cats Four Paw Declawed-Bones Have Contracture


These gorgeous Cornish Rex cats were all four foot declawed a couple of years ago. The one on the left (Tallie) started urinating on the owner’s clothes rather than using the litter box. This lead the owners to rehome these two. Fortunately they found a loving, understanding family that took them to the Cat Care Clinic of Indianapolis to see Dr. Moran (PP-Indiana State Director) for a paw evaluation. Although they do not have bone fragments, they still have toe bones not adequately covered by the paw pads and are already starting to show signs of contracture or “hammer toe.” Luckily they are with a family that now understands the pain or discomfort that declawing has left them with and have vowed to do what is necessary to make them comfortable.
Wish Tallie and Jory luck in their new journey.