Four Paw Declaw-Bones Protruding-Dumped Out In The Rain



ATTENTION ALL Licensed Professional Veterinarians in North America who declaw cats. I don’t care what you use to amputate a cat’s toe bones and claws, or whether you burn the cat’s toe bones off with your $35,000 laser, you ALL are a complete disgusting shame to the veterinary profession.
You misguided, unethical and immoral sadists who call yourselves “doctors” say that you have skilled hands and do this mutilating procedure well and would never do one like this. You say that you do it to keep a cat in a home or there is a demand for it.
Well if YOU seriously despicable monsters would simply EDUCATE cat owners about this inhumane and barbaric procedure and counsel clients about the humane alternatives and NOT do it, then we wouldn’t see ANY stories about declawed cats suffering like this and being thrown away to shelters. Whether it is this poor kitty or all the other millions of cats and kittens who are suffering in silence after you have done your destruction on their paws, you truly are such a disgrace to a noble profession that is supposedly all about HEALING animals. Shame on you a millions times over. Anyone who declaws a cat should be prosecuted for animal cruelty and serve JAIL time for purposely mutilating a cat’s paws and life.
The bottom line is that you and your greedy immoral veterinary associations like AAHA, AVMA, and AAFP care more about keeping you, the due paying members, than helping to end this evil procedure in North America. You all care more about taking the easy way out and making money from this quick and easy evil thing you do to cats.
YOU are the gatekeepers who can say NO to declawing. You all have sold your souls to this evil and need to come back to being decent human beings and GOOD ethical veterinary doctors who just HEAL AND HELP ANIMALS.
And cat owners for God’s sake stop asking for this mutilation for your cats and get up off your lazy asses of your beloved and cherished sofas and teach your kitties to use scratchers, trim their nails, and use Soft Paws if you are having an issue. Get out of the dark ages and join the modern world and STOP torturing and harming your beloved kitties and being willfully ignorant about this inhumane procedure. Use your God given brains and hearts to know that amputating your much needed kitties body parts for the sake of a natural behavior is very evil, twisted, barbaric and wrong. Especially when there are simple commonsense humane alternatives.
EVERYONE, please leave your vet that declaws cats and find one who is honoring their oath and NOT doing this torture and these amputations to cats. Every time you visit your vet please respectfully remind them that they are sadists, immoral animal abusers who make unethical justifications for mutilating a cat’s paws. Remember this sick truth, these “doctors” who had years of education to learn how to heal and help animals, make MONEY to do animal cruelty on cats and obviously care more about their pocketbooks than they care about the welfare of cats.
Here is a list of honorable, moral, ethical, decent, human beings and are veterinarians who are honoring the noble profession of veterinary medicine and not declawing cats.
Shame shame and keeping shaming ANY vet who declaws cats. We must start to put the pressure on them in this way. They won’t stop until you take your business elsewhere people.

No Declaw Vets – USA