The Paw Project Removes Bone Pieces/Nail Growth Inside Lovey’s Four-Paw Declawed Paw Pads

This is Lovey from the Indianapolis area. She was declawed last year on all four feet due to concerns that she would scratch and cause infection in her elderly owner. She recently started biting and was taken to see her new non-declawing vet Dr. Hedges at Pleasant Paws Veterinary Care in Lebanon, IN. She found nails regrowing through the skin and knew that Lovey must be in pain. She was referred her to Dr. Nicole Martell-Moran (Paw Project IN Director) at the Cat Care Clinic for a paw evaluation and surgery.

Xrays showed very large bone fragments in all four feet along with back pain. Once the owner learned that declawing was amputating the toes she “felt sick” and wishes she “would have known about soft paws instead.”

Thanks to donations to the Paw Project ( she was able to have surgery to remove the bone left behind. Declawing cannot be undone and she still be left with 18 amputated toes however the surgery will reduce her discomfort in the long-term.