Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine-Do They Really Like Cats?





Bruce Kornreich, the associate director of the Cornell Feline Health Center, said that declawing is a legitimate medical procedure that should be used as a last resort for destructive cats.
“Declawing shouldn’t be the first or even the second option, but it is the best option if everything else has been tried,” said Kornreich. He noted that veterinarians have a professional duty to educate pet owners about non-surgical alternatives to managing cats’ scratching behaviors, some of which are offered by the SPCA of Tompkins County.
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They promote Hill’s Science Diet which contains poisons so lethal the food itself has killed this rat, see photo above.

Rhoda Hogan left a sizable sum of money to go towards anti-declawing advocacy, they did nothing with her money, see this link.      Or google City the Kitty Rhoda Hogan.      See this link –

Cornell Feline Health Center still declaws cats even though Dr. Camuti was highly against declawing. They use Dr. Camuti’s name for their Feline Consultant Program and beg for funds. Dr. Camuti is turning over in his grave. See photo above.