Declawed Cats Eventually Will Not Use The Litter Box


Behavioral problems
Scratching is a natural feline behavior that meets cat’s many needs. That’s why declawing has long-lasting effects on cats. Once their claws have been removed, they can no longer perform their natural stretching and kneading rituals. They become weaker as they age and may experience debilitating arthritis in their backs and shoulders.

Furthermore, cats without claws have lost their first line of defense, and because of this, can live in a state of stress. They cannot fight off other animals, or escape quickly from a dangerous situation. They may also become biters because they no longer can use their claws as a warning. Groomers, veterinarians, and people who care for declawed cats in shelters find many of them to be nervous, irritable, and difficult to handle.

Finally, declawed cats often stop using their litter boxes. They may associate the pain they feel in their paws when trying to cover their waste with the litter box itself. They seek a less painful place for elimination, such as the carpet or bathtub or even the bed or piles of laundry. Even though there are effective ways to modify a cat’s litter box behavior, it is a particularly difficult challenge because a declawed cat’s aversion results from pain.

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7 thoughts on “Declawed Cats Eventually Will Not Use The Litter Box

  1. Why one should wish to remove a part of a healthy living being i`ll never know. In my opinion, claw removal is just barbaric and proves how far removed from reality some people really are.


  2. But surely people can still “think for themselves” or listen to their instinct that such brutality may not be in order? One cannot change the past but one can change the future. Best regards.


  3. Human beings are seem to learn (if at all!) when the chips are down and they are faced with turmoil. Until such a sad phase, humans tend to ignore their surroundings and continue on their convenient path of ignorance. It must be a human thing to be so destructive afterall, although there are also positive attributes to humans, the human race has never understood the true meaning to living in peace. Best regards. Mr M, Sir W, and myself.


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