Declawed Whispie Suffers Just Because He Is A Kitty

A few months ago, Paw Project NY was contacted about a six-year-old kitty named Whispie, who had lived his whole life with his elderly owner. One day, Whispie scratched his owner. Her daughter didn’t like that and had Whispie declawed. Soon after, Whispie began to bite. The daughter really didn’t like that and promptly relinquished Whispie, where he was living in a dark cement dog run, completely terrified and unapproachable (bottom right).
Whispie was being cared for by a veterinary technician, who knew Whispie prior to the declaw and felt that Whispie’s new behavior was a direct result of the declaw and reached out to the Paw Project for help.
Our friends The Patricia H. Ladew Foundation paid for Whispie to be examined by Paw Project Queens Director, Dr. Michal Hess of Glendale Veterinary Clinic. Radiographs of his paws revealed that Whispie was suffering from severe contracture of his toe bones, a condition known as “hammertoe” (top right).
Thanks to donations from the public and further financial assistance from The Paw Project, Dr. Hess was able to reposition the pads on Whispie’s toes so that the bones would at least be cushioned and provide him some comfort (top left).

Whispie is currently residing at until he is ready for a home (bottom left and middle). You can help Whispie sponsoring him: