Four Paws Declawed Cat Found In A Field-Organs Failing-Cannot Eat


From MK:

This IS a rant, plain & simple. Im going to be a voice for Journey the cat.
I am vehemently against declawing for so many reasons, its cruel, selfish and inhumane …. and THIS little girl has been ruined because of it and the disgusting vermin she trusted.
She was found behind a clinic in a field, starved, covered in burrs and unresponsive to the person and dog that approached her just sitting there. They picked her up and took her into the clinic. Pantry Four Paws stepped up as her rescue, she had been declawed in all 4 feet and dumped to fend for herself. She tried to eat at first but her organs started failing from starvation and she has sinced stopped eating. A member of the clinic’s family has Journey in their care – she is still being force fed, she has neurological damage as well as organ damage from going so long without food. They will continue to feed her in the hopes that she will regain her wish to live, Journey will be staying with this family and will not be going up for adoption – this is her new home.
I am heartbroken by Journeys story … mutilated (what asshole vet does all 4 feet?) and abandoned by the humans she had no choice but to trust.
If you, or anyone you know mention that they think its a good idea to declaw a cat …. think about Journey.
Some cats are so shocked by declawing that their personalities change. Cats who were lively and friendly have become withdrawn and introverted after being declawed. Others, deprived of their primary means of defense, become nervous, fearful, and/or aggressive, often resorting to their only remaining means of defense, their teeth. In some cases, when declawed cats use the litterbox after surgery, their feet are so tender they associate their new pain with the box…permanently, resulting in a life-long adversion to using the litter box. Other declawed cats that can no longer mark with their claws, they mark with urine instead resulting in inappropriate elimination problems, which in many cases, results in relinquishment of the cats to shelters and ultimately euthanasia. Many of the cats surrendered to shelters are surrendered because of behavioral problems which developed after the cats were declawed.
Many declawed cats become so traumatized by this painful mutilation that they end up spending their maladjusted lives perched on top of doors and refrigerators, out of reach of real and imaginary predators against whom they no longer have any adequate defense. A cat relies on its claws as its primary means of defense. Removing the claws makes a cat feel defenseless. The constant state of stress caused by a feeling of defenselessness may make some declawed cats more prone to disease. Stress leads to a myriad of physical and psychological disorders including supression of the immune system, cystitis and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
“The consequences of declawing are often pathetic. Changes in behavior can occur. A declawed cat frequently resorts to biting when confronted with even minor threats. Biting becomes an overcompensation for the insecurity of having no claws. Bungled surgery can result in the regrowth of deformed claws or in an infection leading to gangrene. Balance is affected by the inability to grasp with their claws. Chronic physical ailments such as cystitis or skin disorders can be manifestations of a declawed cat’s frustration and stress”
Remember that NATURE, a higher power then you designed The Cat, or if you wish God, the Gods, Allah, The Creator …but NOT you. Then KNOW that when you or your soul is weighed in the karmic scales of Life, that to may be weighed against you … it IS an unnecessary cruelty that is chosen for selfish reasons. Its only a piece of furniture. Learn to train your animals and/or find alternative options for natures urges, educate yourself …. otherwise dont get a cat.
If you need to be reminded just HOW cruel declawing is …. think about losing the ends of your fingers to the first knuckle … sound good? Yes, it is amputation.
Finally THIS is why I support Pantry Four Paws and the work they do … there is always room for one more lost soul. If you would like to help support them, I accept donations of food and goods (for their foster homes) and Im pretty damn sure they would accept financial donations for the care of all those they provide medical support for. If that is something you would consider, please contact Mary Hebert of Pantry Four Paws.

Kitty is at this rescue.