Paw Project Indiana Removes Bone Pieces From Joe’s Paw-Accidently Declawed By Previous Doctor



This is sweet Joe from Indianapolis. When he was younger he was taken to a trusted veterinarian and told to please neuter the cat but DO NOT DECLAW HIM. Unfortunately the vet assumed he was to be declawed as well and realized his mistake half way through the surgery. Fast forward to today, he is now urinating outside the litter box. His owners, knowing that declawing can lead to inappropriate urination took him to see Dr. Nicole Martell-Moran (Paw Project Indiana State Director) at the Cat Care Clinic of Indianapolis for a paw evaluation. Physical exam found back pain and Xrays showed bone fragments. For the 10 days he had to wait until surgery, the pain medication prescribed almost completely resolved the litter box aversion.
Early this week Joe received paw repair surgery to remove the fragments and replace the paw pads to better protect the end of the bone. Wish him luck in his recovery!
His attentive owners are determined to keep him life as pain-free as possible and are dedicated to his life-long comfort.