Paw Project Utah Removes Claw Growth And Bone Pieces From Lilly’s Painful Paws

Another responsible pet owner becomes a hero for their kitty! Meet Lilly, who is owned by Judy. Lilly spent the majority of her life in a tiny cage, adopted out and returned a few times for inappropriate urination. Finally she met Judy and Judy did not give up on Lilly! Lilly can be a grumpy cat who is at times too fractious to groom and will sometimes refuse to eat for days on end when stressed. Lilly had big P3 fragments left over from a botched declaw and a nail growing through her paw pad. She also has callouses on her BACK hocks from an altered stance due to arthritis from the effects of the declaw on her overall posture. This week, Lilly had paw surgery with The Paw Project-Utah. Already 2 days post op and we have a happier kitty, a hungry kitty, and a kitty using her litter box with special litter!!!
November 2016