Dr.Marcy Hammerle Will Remove Bone Pieces And Re-Position Declawed Bella Cat’s Paw Pads-She Walks On Bone Without Paw Pads-FUNDS NEEDED

An absolute remarkable update on Bella who was declawed on all 4 paws. If performed on a human, declawing would be like cutting off each finger at the last knuckle. She spent months in pain and being misunderstood by humans until The Rescue Project found her. We learned that she had bone fragments in her paws from the declaw and sent her to a specialist outside of St. Louis http://www.thepetdoctorinc.com/ (they were wonderful!) to fix her feet, and then came back to TRP for recovery. She is feeling much better as you can see from the video. In the past, you could barely touch Bella without her screaming in pain. She is now ready for her much deserved, forever home. She does great with smaller dogs however she prefers to be the only feline in the home. Please share her story and video and advocate for no declawing.

Breaking! Bella is a beautiful long haired kitty who is approximately 5 years old. Bella was surrendered by her original owners to an open access shelter in the Kansas City area. Sadly, the owners had Bella declawed on all four paws. Bella had been adopted several times then we were contacted asking if we could help Bella. We were told that Bella kept getting returned because she was “aggressive and frequently biting her owners”. We were determined to get to the bottom of Bella’s issue. She was first taken to a vet clinic in the Kansas City area where the vet who examined her diagnosed her with hyperesthesia and wanted to put her on medication. Tragically, the vet did not believe Bella’s paws should be x-rayed or that her four-paw declaw should be examined further to determine if that could be the reason for her aggressive tendencies. After that visit, The Rescue Project reached out again to a different veterinarian, Dr Marcy Hammerle, owner of The Pet Doctor in Ofallon, MO. Dr Hammerle is a renowned vet who is very knowledgeable about declawing in cats and diagnosing difficulties that occur as a result of declawing. Dr Hammerle in fact, is one of the few veterinarians who refuses to perform declaws in her clinic. Arrangements were made to have Bella transported from Kansas City to Ofallon on December 28th so that she could be examined by Dr. Hammerle. Dr.Hammerle took x-rays of Bella’s four paws and physically examined each paw as well. The results of that examination revealed that on Bella’s front paws, the P2 bones are malpositioned. Due to the declaw and the unnatural gait that it causes, the bones have shifted so that they are in front of her paw pads, which makes her walk with no padding over the ends of the toe bones. Bella also has bone fragments in her back feet which causes her pain each time she steps down to walk, jump…everything she tries to do. To a human, it would be the equivalent of walking around with glass in your foot or a pebble in your shoe. Currently, Bella is at The Pet Doctor waiting to have corrective surgery next week. We are hoping this can give Bella some relief from the pain she endures every single day. The Rescue Project is asking for donations to help cover the cost of Bella’s surgery. Please help us help this beautiful cat live without the intense pain she has suffered from all of her life. We are hopeful that without the constant pain and discomfort she has endured, her aggression will no longer be an issue. Wouldn’t you be a little crabby if each time you tried to walk, you had intense pain shooting through your feet? Please help Bella be able to move past the injustice that was done to her, and to live a long, happy, and pain free life. Please consider donating to help us cover the expense of her surgery, recovery, and care that will be $1,000. Finally…please do not have your cats declawed. At the very least, the malpositioned bones in the paw pads are often a typical side effect of declawing that usually goes undiagnosed. Declawing was once widely practiced. With what we now know however, it is a painful and unnecessary procedure with long lasting consequences for the cat mentally and physically. Please consider donating to help beautiful Bella. Thank you from The Rescue Project and thank you from Bella!! http://therescueproject.net/donate/