Veterinarians who declaw are causing physical and psychological damages to cats, and cat parents should be able to sue them for malpractice. Animals are not property like the veterinary associations want you to believe, they are sentient beings, there are several countries who have changed their laws and view animals as sentient beings.

Jessica M. writes, “I wanted to share my story and thanks for all you do. Back in 2008, I rescued a pregnant bobtail from my parent’s house. She stayed at my house and I helped her give birth to 3 kittens. I had to give two up for adoption but I kept one. The little guy that fought for 45 minutes to come out.
I took my kitten in to be fixed when he was old enough. When I called to pick him up later that day, they told me they just finished the procedure and would be fixing him later. When I asked what procedure, they told me he was declawed.
I screamed, cried, and threw up a little (and had nightmares for two days after). The only thing they said was “He looked like another cat we have in. Don’t worry, we won’t charge you for the declawing” He’s a bobtail!! I’m sure he didn’t look like another cat. And there was nothing I could do. He has behavioral issues, to say the least, but after 8 years, he’s at least using the litter box regularly. It took a lot of patience and understanding that literally no one else gave him (roommates, significant others, family).
Him getting declawed caused so many issues for him, and I get no recourse against the people who did this. I know his paws still bother him and one still looks malformed, but what can you do at this point?
Thank you all for spreading awareness and helping these poor kitties that did nothing wrong. I wish I could save them all but…. my cat hates everything and everyone (the behavioral issue thing) so I can’t bring any more fur friends into the house.”

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