Book By Dr. Jean Hofve- Anti-Declawing Book For Cat Lovers



Link to the book ADAH 2017 –

Good news! We are getting closer every day to stopping declawing! Despite the opposition of veterinary associations, New Jersey and New York are both considering legislation to ban the practice in their states. The NJ assembly is voting this coming Monday (January 23, 2017) so if you are in NJ, please contact your assembly representative immediately!

To help cat lovers and animal advocates know the truth about declawing that so many veterinarians lie about, Dr. Jean has written a detailed, fully-referenced e-book called the Anti-Declawing Advocate’s Handbook. It is available for free download here (it will automatically download when you click the link):

ADAH 2017

Please download freely, and send to anyone who needs it. The file is less than 2 MB so it should be accepted by all email systems.

We know that pro-declawing vets will get hold of it, but that’s all right. They have absolutely no defense to the facts when they are truthfully presented!

Let’s stop this barbaric practice NOW!