Newly Declawed Valentine Cat Dumped With Infected Paws-On Kill List

UPDATE 3/2017
HE IS READY ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Valentine passed his 2 week check up like a champ and he is ready to find his forever home !

Valentine is a beautiful kind boy who deserves all the love and kindness after what he has gone thru.
Declawing a cat changes their lives forever and he will most likely deal with some levels of pain thru his entire life.

Valentine is learning his ways around humans and learning that not all of us are mean and want to hurt him.
He simply wants to curl up on your lap and be loved.

His ideal home would be a calm house where he can be the only pet for now but we think he would benefit from a companion cat later on, preferably a kitten so he doesn’t feel threatened.
Valentine will need to be played with and kept active.🐾🐾🐾

Valentine is 1 year old, neutered, combo tested and microchipped.
He is currently being fostered in Long Beach Ca.
If you are interested in meeting him, please send us an email at



THIS is why Valentine was untouchable and THIS is what is done to a cat that you conveniently declaw to save your furniture !

Valentine has a massive bacterial infection from a botched surgery performed by a vet in L.A ILLEGALLY !. yes….declawing is illegal in L.A and whoever did this to him should have his license revoked !

Thanks to Dr Jennifer Conrad and the Paw Project, Valentine is now getting the care he needs and will hopefully make a full recovery.

Let’s support the humans who make a difference in this world….Dr Conrad and the Paw Project is one of them, advocating for making declawing illegal in all 50 states.

Valentine (formerly known as Rockso) is safe. Paw Project Director Lisa Hsuan DVM is taking care of his medical problems. Valentine is a one-year old recently declawed cat that was dumped in a Los Angeles City animal shelter. Valentine was RED-LISTED by the shelter staff because he was felt to be “aggressive.” In LA shelter lingo, “RED-LISTED” means the impounded animal is subject to being killed at any time. A shelter staff member felt he was “unadoptable,” but the Paw Project thinks he was just scared and in pain from his recently, unhealed and infected, declawed paws. Check out the video. Does he seem “unadoptable” to you? SPECIAL HEARTFELT THANKS to Zoey’s Place Rescue, who is working to find Valentine a real forever home, to everyone who helped “network” Valentine’s case, and to the compassionate shelter workers who knew Valentine just needed love and proper medical care.

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