Ozmin Surrendered-Botched Declaw-Litter Box Issues-In Pain 24/7/365


Meet Ozmin aka B5 (big beautiful Bengal badboy). He was surrendered to an animal shelter in NJ after getting a botched declaw job. When his owners surrendered him, they cited “behavior problems” (urinating outside the box, anti-social behavior, aggressiveness). He was later adopted by another family, who also returned him for not using his litterbox. After nearly 9 months at the animal shelter, finally he was adopted by a kind person who recognized the pain of his botched declaw and he got a paw repair surgery wherein the vet amputated another 10 toe bones from his front feet. This was called a “re-declaw” because it was another round of amputations of the same toes. (If you do the toebone arithmetic, you can see why he basically has no front toes left.) Since removing the crushed bone fragments from his front feet, Ozmin now uses his litterbox perfectly. Even though half his toe pads were cut out during his declaw, and most of the soft tissue had also been removed from his front paws, Ozmin is doing his best to live like a normal cat, but he will never be a normal cat again. He is just grateful that he doesn’t have to walk on the crushed ends of his toe bones anymore, especially without sufficient soft tissue or toe pads to cover the ends of those bones as they ground into the floor with each step. (We speculate that he had been declawed by guillotine cutters, which crush the P3 bones off, but often damages the adjacent P2 bones as well as leaves P3 bone fragments behind.)
There is a myth that declawing keeps cats in homes. There have been no published reputable or statistically-significant studies that prove that declawing has kept cats in homes. The “declaw or death” scenario was a false hypothesis from many decades ago — and it is still false today. On the contrary, there is real-life data that shows that in cities where declaw bans have been enacted, the exact opposite has happened — there have been sustainable decreases in the number of surrendered cats over multi-year periods after the declaw bans were enacted. Let’s base our claims and policies on facts and evidence and data, not just ideology or unsupported hypothesis.
Please support us in our mission to #bandeclawing — first in NJ where we have been advocating for the pending legislation, then in the rest of the country. http://www.copcats.org

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