Alaska’s KAAAT’s-Mayo Has Had A Botched Declaw-She Limps-Paw Is Mutilated

MAO (A234139) Her eyes share her story… please read her bioAlbumsMAO (A234139) Her eyes share her story… please read her bio
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MAO (A234139) is an incredible beauty that at 8 years young has found herself at the shelter looking for a new home. Her story may break your heart as it did ours, the second we met her. The first day MAO was on the adoption floor she was so terrified, but her eyes were so trusting. When we stepped in to visit with her, we saw that one of her paws is mangled. Why is her paw mangled? Due to a botched declawing surgery (which may have been done several times in attempts to repair the damage). When she walks she has a little limp and that just makes our hearts ache. This most PURRecious and beautiful girl had this surgery done (we don’t know the reasons and honestly we don’t want to). Unfortunately the damage is done and now she is the one who has to have this affect her. We cannot express enough how inhumane declawing is to your cat. The amount of damage that can occur and the potential for behaviors to develop are much higher when you subject a precious cat to such a barbaric surgery. There are other ways to help your cat redirect their scratching if that is the behavior of concern. Despite what has happened to MAO she is the most loving, trusting soul that just wants to snuggle up by your side. She immediately comes to you, lays right next to you or on you with one of her paws, even showing you the one that is damaged. Our hearts just ache when we think about what she has been through and is still a most remarkable sweet kitty girl. She requires a peaceful adult home without other pets. We are grateful she will have the chance to find a new loving home and we are hopeful it will be a home that is very understanding about cats who have been declawed and seek support from their veterinarian to help her out even more. MAO (A234139) is available for adoption at Anchorage Animal Care and Control located at 4711 Elmore Rd, Anchorage, Alaska. Opened M-F: 11-7; Weekends: 10-6. Phone number is 907-343-8122. MAO’s(A234139) adoption fee is currently $32.00. The adoption fee includes her vaccinations, microchip, cardboard carrier, a free vet exam and other goodies. Please be ready to adopt this very special girl and give her a home that is committed to helping her stay happy and healthy. Love HER! ❤ Please visit the The Paw Project and City the Kitty to learn more about the ramifications of declawing and also support for cats who are already previously declawed.