Declawed & Dumped-Egret & Maddie-Have Toe Joints That Wouldn’t Fully Extend From Years Of Walking Abnormally

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This is Egret (Black & White) & Maddie (White) from our friends at the League City Animal Shelter just south of Houston. These poor girls were surrendered for unknown reasons. They were taken to see Dr. Nicole Martell-Moran at the Feline Medical Center in Houston for a paw evaluation last week. A couple of very small bone fragments were seen on the Xray however they are so small that surgery is most likely not going to be beneficial for them. On physical exam Maddie would not allow her back to be pet and tried to bite multiple times and both had toe joints that wouldn’t fully extend from years of walking abnormally. Both girls had small shriveled paw pads with small pressure sores on them. A pain and anxiety medication trial will be started for both cats that will hopefully increase their chances of finding a forever home. Please wish them luck as we continue to work with them to relieve their discomfort!