Zoe Was Declawed And Then His Teeth Were Taken Out Because He Started Biting-PAW PROJECT Will Help Relieve Some Of His Pain


This poor cat Zoe, was declawed by his owners, and then when having behavioral issues with biting (very common in declawed cats that are in pain) they actually took him to a vet who agreed to remove his canines!!!! I wish I knew who did this to him. We will be working with Dr. Doub (The Paw Project- Utah) to get this boy in for an an evaluation and we will do everything we can to help him reach a point where he is no longer in pain! This horrific mutilation of cats must stop! Thankfully, Davis County immediately reached out to us on this boy. Even though they cannot currently touch him at all -they are taking great care of him until we can get him on pain meds and sedated for his evaluation. It’s even more horrifying that the vet who removed his canines did not educate these people on why this cat is in so much pain and being aggressive probably the same but that declawed him! Then further maimed him by removing his healthy teeth…. we will be setting up a fundraiser to help Zoe so please when you see the fundraiser go up help us help him! Please share this post and help us educate about ending this mutilation of our feline friends! #declawedanddumped #bandeclawing#pawproject

— at The Paw Project – Utah.