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I am a declawed kitty who was dumped because I developed behavior problems, I bite all the time, my paws have phantom pain-I shake them when I jump and I have a sore back-probably premature arthritis from waking unnaturally as I lack my much needed claw toe bones, cats walk on their toes, unlike humans who walk on their feet. I was found wandering the woods without any defense, dumped like garbage because I became anti-social. Since 1952, millions of cats have been getting their p3 claw bones amputated, they end up walking on their p2 bones, or wrists. About 30,000 cats are declawed daily in the USA. Declawing was invented by the AVMA in 1952, it is a billion dollar industry. All cats suffer from declawing, some show it more than others. All cats who are declawed are always in pain. A cat hides pain, they learn to live with pain. There are plenty of true accounts of cats who have complications from declawing, some had bone regrowth, some have bone pieces inside their paws, some limp, some urinate everywhere but the litter box, some have had their entire paws amputated, it causes physical and psychological permanent damages.

The AVMA, AAHA, and AAFP have declaw policies but they do not enforce them. These associations care more about the welfare of their members than they do for the well being of cats. Their due paying members declaw kittens during the spay/neuter which is against policy, the kitten is supposed to be given a chance to be trained and to use the many options available such as Soft Paws nail caps, sisal and cardboard scratching posts, sprays, tapes, etc. Veterinarians who declaw do as they please without anyone enforcing them to do the right thing. They mutilate kitty paws for profit only, and use the excuse “your furniture will not get ruined”.  Declawing is legal animal cruelty, there is a reason it is banned in eight California cities, Denver, most of Canada, New York State and many countries never declawed, it is considered a felony animal abuse crime.

If you can, please give your buisness to veterinarians who do not declaw. Animals can sense the screams on those clinic walls from cats waking up from their declaws, it has been known some veterinarians do not use the full amount of meds required during a declaw. You are not there to see what goes on, I have heard of veterinarians not using any meds at all! This is why clients have to call first before they pick up their cat, they don’t want you to see the bloody paws or bloody crate. They do not want you to make a surprise visit in case you hear your cat screaming. A vet tech quit because a cat woke up and bashed itself against the cage because she was in so much pain, she died in her bloody torture chamber. Animals sense cruelty-that’s why they fear going in for check-ups, there is a thing now called ‘Fear Free Pets’ that the veterinary industry is pushing. Try to use veterinarians who do not declaw, your pets are traumatized at every vet visit because they think their body parts will be amputated-animals are smart and sense exactly what goes on in those ‘chambers of horror’.

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  1. “Sara says: ‘Not all vets who declaw are evil… At least if we do it, our skilled surgeon is doing it safely and with the drugs to keep it as safe and pain free as possible. The cats are then monitored extremely close for pain and complications for 24 hours before they can be sent home. Our vets HATE doing it and we usually succeed in discouraging the clients who want the declaw…'”

    I say “Hog-Wash!!!” Where is this wonderful vet when the cat goes home, 24 hours after the surgery? She is still in pain. Does he follow her home and make sure her pain is appeased? Absolutely NOT!!!

    If he “HATES” it so much, why doesn’t he stand up against it? Because he makes money from the pain and suffering he inflicts. He doesn’t care about the cat’s well-being otherwise he would PROPERLY educate the client and NEVER agree to do the surgery.

    I support you, Casandra, and, even though you will not get your claws back in this life, your story will be shared until ALL declawing is ILLEGAL!

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  3. I love your passion for fighting declawing. I love the fire inside you, the anger that drives you to fight this abominable practice. It is unfathomable to me how vets can do this. They have lost their moral compass if they ever had it. Well done.

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  4. So, your vets HATE declawing kitty…not all vets who declaw are evil…you monitored the amputations with meds….Declawing is ANIMAL ABUSE. How DARE you comment on my blog, telling me this. ME, a suffering kitty, and my declawed sister who suffers too. All vets should say NO, like they do in 44 civilized countries where declawing is illegal. ALL vets who declaw should be in PRISON. How do you sleep at night knowing you contribute to animal abuse? Have you even read my blog? By the way, vets who declaw cats ARE evil.

    ALL of the dumped suffering declawed cats should be dumped off at your clinic, and at other clinics who amputate and cripple cats for profits, YOU FIND THEM HOMES. A declawed cat does not stay in the home, and you and your clients can shove your furniture you know where.



  5. Not all vets who declaw are evil. I work at a clinic and we HIGHLY discourage declawing your cat. We give them all the other options and tell them the dangers and pain the animal will go thru. Still some owners do not care and only care for their furniture, or whatever other reason. It is at that point that our surgeon agrees to the surgery. Only because we know the client will take the animal somewhere else and have it done anyway. At least if we do it, our skilled surgeon is doing it safely and with the drugs to keep it as safe and pain free as possible. The cats are then monitored extremely close for pain and complications for 24 hours before they can be sent home. Our vets HATE doing it and we usually succeed in discouraging the clients who want the declaw. But the few times a year they insist, our vets reluctantly provide the service.


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