Stringtown Animal Hospital, Grove City, OH, Botched A Declaw & A Spay On Chicken Cat & They Refuse To Acknowledge Their Malpractice

This is one of the reasons you should NEVER trust a declawing vet or declawing veterinary practice in our opinion.
This is Tabby the cat. (Formerly known as Chicken the cat.)
She was spayed and declawed at an animal hospital in Ohio.
According to the owner of the cat, a vet tech at the animal hospital told her that declawing was the best option, highly suggested it, and even tried to reassure her by saying she had her cats declawed.
Tabby’s toe bones were sliced off with a scalpel and she has had lots of issues with limping and pain from the declaw. She was finally diagnosed with tendon contraction from her toe bones being amputated. She is still holding up her paw which indicates she still has discomfort in her paws.
The declawing vet and vet practice would not take any responsibility for the problems with Tabby’s paws from her declaw and told the owner they did all they can do with Tabby (Chicken) and that it’s best she take her somewhere else.
She had been showing signs of being in heat for quite awhile.
Today she had surgery and the doctor found that a whole ovary was left behind and also remnants the other ovary.
Tabby has been through so much unnecessary suffering and pain.
We are taking care of all her medical expenses and want to thank those of you who have donated to help her.
If the donations go over Tabby’s medical and surgery costs, then they will be used for any future medical costs for her, or for our other nonprofit campaigns and work.
Please go to our website and sign all our petitions in honor of Tabby the cat.


The Joys Of Caring For A Declawed Cat-In Constant Pain-Not Using The Litter Box

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The joys of caring for a declawed cat who is in constant pain/has chronic UTIs due to stress from pain 😓💔. I GUARANTEE that Sullivan would have been a complete angel like my Vinnie is for nail trims, but someone paid an unethical vet to cut his toes off. I taught Vinnie the “paws” command when he tried to sharpen his claws on inappropriate things. Now he only uses his designated scratching posts and literally gives me his fuzzy feet for our nail trimming bonding time. Sullivan is in so much pain and under so much stress from his paw arthritis that I have to use an outdoor plastic rug with puppy pads under his litter boxes for when he avoids peeing on litter (even the soft kind I use). All declawed cats have pancake paws and get arthritis within a few months – even if they do not show obvious signs. People forget that cats are prey animals and hide their pain INCREDIBLY well. Today I shampooed carpet, hosed off the plastic rug, washed the litter mats he has to pee on when he’s in too much pain to use a litter box, and added new puppy pads. I’m hoping that I do not have to do this all over again tomorrow. All of this suffering and work could have easily been avoided with BASIC education and compassion. #pawsneedclaws #declawed #declawingiscruel #declawedcatsareinconstantpain #declawing #catlovers #housepanther #catsofinstagram #kittygram #rescuecat #specialneedscats


Declawed Toby’s Paws Were In Constant Pain-Bone Fragments Were Left Behind

Rose Purcell

So this is Toby the cat I rescued he was declawed which many people know is in humane but for people who don’t I’m sharing this post. He got x-rays done and it showed both of his declawed front paws have bone fragments left behind from the surgery. This is incredibly painful and will require surgery to correct and get him out of pain. It will also have to be done by a specialist which is expensive all because someone declawed him. #adoptdontshop #declawed #catsofinstagram #rescuecat



Ara-Her Story As A Declawed Cat

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I wanted to share the story of Ara… She was an owner surrender in December 2016 and went to a new home. She had originally been found wandering outside in 2014! And she is four paw declawed!
Ara stayed with the family that found her but gave her up because she was biting. They attributed it to the new baby. In her last home, she did not use the litter box. Soon her gorgeous white hair, was yellowing. In May of this year, thankfully, the Durant Animal Rescue Allicance, had an opening with their special needs foster in Dallas. So Ara went to live in Dallas… and as sweet as she is, and as beautiful, she still was displaying her issues.
After we posted about Sam Adams, the questions came up for Ara! So last week she saw a vet and her feet were xrayed. What they found was not a pretty picture at all.
Ara had surgery July 31, 2018 in Arlington… Dr. Franklin reported: There were fragments, Spurs and/or fibroids in every single toe. Dr. Franklin opened up every one and removed something. He said she would never be okay. When he got in there and looked it was just awful but he believes she will be better than what she was.

***Ara will suffer arthritis and permanent nerve damage due to being declawed.

Please do not declaw your cat.
And if you have a cat that is declawed..get their feet checked, whether you think there are issues or not.
And if there are issues and your cat is declawed… get their feet checked. Do not poo poo off the notion, that your cat cannot possibly be having an issue due to declawing.. yes, yes they can.. we are seeing it way too often.

Peanut-His Declawed Story

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Peanut .. his declawed story
Peanut the declawed cat. He was surrendered to the Midwest City Oklahoma Animal shelter.. a city shelter.. a kill shelter.. for being aggressive and not using his litter box. Jana Bellerr posted a video showing Peanut and it was a sad, mad, aggressive kitty. He was covered in fleas! He was just simply miserable and his owners totally failed him when they dropped him at a city shelter. He was not going to make it out of that shelter alive unless rescue took a chance and pulled him. So with community support, that is what happened! We got him to our awesome vet peeps at Harvest Hills and Peanut was treated for fleas and worms, and that for sure, made a world of difference! He was checked for UTI and none was found. He was kept safe, updated on his vaccinations and microchipped. And on Wednesday July 25, 2018, headed off to see a specialist in regards to his paws.
Dr. Suzanne Hurst with Kindness Vet Hospital in Tulsa Oklahoma, checked Peanut and shared a video showing how Peanut was not walking normal, “The video shows how he walks back in his feet to try to take pressure off his toes.”
Also check out the Xrays to see the bone fragments.. there were 7 total and 1 piece of odd tissue. And then look at the photo of the pad of his foot, you will see calluses… “If you look at the xray you can see those fragments line up perfectly with those callouses.” The physical exam showed, “His toes were painful when I palpate. Grumbled some but no biting. Many pets don’t like their feet touched. But We cannot assume there is no pain. I would rather assume their IS pain. Take those bone fragments and put them in you socks and walk around on them. It will hurt. And then imagine the fragments are pushing directly on nerves and bones with no cushion of skin and tissue in between. OUCH!”
So the next pictures are the bone fragments being removed and the bone fragments themselves. ” Peanut’s procedure took an hour instead of 2 1/2 hours like Sam’s did! All is good! Removed 7 fragments and 1 piece of odd tissue. Peanut Woke up hungry. Had breakfast and is now snoozing!”
Peanut is now in a foster home recovering.


Sam Adams-His Declawed Story

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Sam Adams is a giant Tuxedo boy that was taken to the Chickasha OK Animal Shelter a few weeks ago by his owner. He was owner surrendered with the information that he was 4 years old, neutered, declawed, didn’t use the litter box and was aggressive. The ACO, Layce Graham, stated to us, this was the most aggressive cat she had ever encountered. They could not even get him out of the carrier.. the owner had to leave it. Now I want to say.. in most all situations like this, this cat would have been instantly carried back to the “death room” and euthanized. Shelters are not equipped to deal with situations like this. However, ACO Graham, is cut a bit differently and is heavily involved in local animal rescue and is a member of the Oklahoma Rescue Network. She knew there was more to Sam’s story and she reached out to us.
The first thing we recommended was an xray of the declawed paws and ACO Graham got that done. Sam had to be sedated, then xrayed and it was shocking but not surprising what was found. His paws were in bad shape and he was in extreme pain. He immediately was put on pain meds.
Next step… we reached out to THE PAW PROJECT..if you have not heard of them ..please go to their facebook page and follow them! Oklahoma just happened to have a Paw Project vet in Tulsa OK at the Kindness Vet Hospital and after seeing his xrays and hearing his story, Dr. Suzanne Hurst wanted to meet Sam.
That happened on Thursday. She met him and agreed he needed to stay for surgery.
Surgery was yesterday.. Friday, June 29, 2018. Sam will be staying there while he recovers and then he will be on a pain medication protocol for as long as needed. We hope that someday that he will be weaned off and of course, the ultimate goal is that he finds the purrfect forever home.
So now, pics…I will show the ones from the meet and greet with Dr. Hurst then the surgical ones… and the last pic is the special blanket the Global Comfort Fab group has made just for Sam.
Our prayer on behalf of Sam Adams… stop declawing. If you have a declawed cat, please check their feet every year via Xray, if you have one that doesn’t use the litter box, get him checked immediately…ask for xrays!