Ara-Her Story As A Declawed Cat

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I wanted to share the story of Ara… She was an owner surrender in December 2016 and went to a new home. She had originally been found wandering outside in 2014! And she is four paw declawed!
Ara stayed with the family that found her but gave her up because she was biting. They attributed it to the new baby. In her last home, she did not use the litter box. Soon her gorgeous white hair, was yellowing. In May of this year, thankfully, the Durant Animal Rescue Allicance, had an opening with their special needs foster in Dallas. So Ara went to live in Dallas… and as sweet as she is, and as beautiful, she still was displaying her issues.
After we posted about Sam Adams, the questions came up for Ara! So last week she saw a vet and her feet were xrayed. What they found was not a pretty picture at all.
Ara had surgery July 31, 2018 in Arlington… Dr. Franklin reported: There were fragments, Spurs and/or fibroids in every single toe. Dr. Franklin opened up every one and removed something. He said she would never be okay. When he got in there and looked it was just awful but he believes she will be better than what she was.

***Ara will suffer arthritis and permanent nerve damage due to being declawed.

Please do not declaw your cat.
And if you have a cat that is declawed..get their feet checked, whether you think there are issues or not.
And if there are issues and your cat is declawed… get their feet checked. Do not poo poo off the notion, that your cat cannot possibly be having an issue due to declawing.. yes, yes they can.. we are seeing it way too often.

Peanut-His Declawed Story

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Peanut .. his declawed story
Peanut the declawed cat. He was surrendered to the Midwest City Oklahoma Animal shelter.. a city shelter.. a kill shelter.. for being aggressive and not using his litter box. Jana Bellerr posted a video showing Peanut and it was a sad, mad, aggressive kitty. He was covered in fleas! He was just simply miserable and his owners totally failed him when they dropped him at a city shelter. He was not going to make it out of that shelter alive unless rescue took a chance and pulled him. So with community support, that is what happened! We got him to our awesome vet peeps at Harvest Hills and Peanut was treated for fleas and worms, and that for sure, made a world of difference! He was checked for UTI and none was found. He was kept safe, updated on his vaccinations and microchipped. And on Wednesday July 25, 2018, headed off to see a specialist in regards to his paws.
Dr. Suzanne Hurst with Kindness Vet Hospital in Tulsa Oklahoma, checked Peanut and shared a video showing how Peanut was not walking normal, “The video shows how he walks back in his feet to try to take pressure off his toes.”
Also check out the Xrays to see the bone fragments.. there were 7 total and 1 piece of odd tissue. And then look at the photo of the pad of his foot, you will see calluses… “If you look at the xray you can see those fragments line up perfectly with those callouses.” The physical exam showed, “His toes were painful when I palpate. Grumbled some but no biting. Many pets don’t like their feet touched. But We cannot assume there is no pain. I would rather assume their IS pain. Take those bone fragments and put them in you socks and walk around on them. It will hurt. And then imagine the fragments are pushing directly on nerves and bones with no cushion of skin and tissue in between. OUCH!”
So the next pictures are the bone fragments being removed and the bone fragments themselves. ” Peanut’s procedure took an hour instead of 2 1/2 hours like Sam’s did! All is good! Removed 7 fragments and 1 piece of odd tissue. Peanut Woke up hungry. Had breakfast and is now snoozing!”
Peanut is now in a foster home recovering.


Sam Adams-His Declawed Story

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Sam Adams is a giant Tuxedo boy that was taken to the Chickasha OK Animal Shelter a few weeks ago by his owner. He was owner surrendered with the information that he was 4 years old, neutered, declawed, didn’t use the litter box and was aggressive. The ACO, Layce Graham, stated to us, this was the most aggressive cat she had ever encountered. They could not even get him out of the carrier.. the owner had to leave it. Now I want to say.. in most all situations like this, this cat would have been instantly carried back to the “death room” and euthanized. Shelters are not equipped to deal with situations like this. However, ACO Graham, is cut a bit differently and is heavily involved in local animal rescue and is a member of the Oklahoma Rescue Network. She knew there was more to Sam’s story and she reached out to us.
The first thing we recommended was an xray of the declawed paws and ACO Graham got that done. Sam had to be sedated, then xrayed and it was shocking but not surprising what was found. His paws were in bad shape and he was in extreme pain. He immediately was put on pain meds.
Next step… we reached out to THE PAW PROJECT..if you have not heard of them ..please go to their facebook page and follow them! Oklahoma just happened to have a Paw Project vet in Tulsa OK at the Kindness Vet Hospital and after seeing his xrays and hearing his story, Dr. Suzanne Hurst wanted to meet Sam.
That happened on Thursday. She met him and agreed he needed to stay for surgery.
Surgery was yesterday.. Friday, June 29, 2018. Sam will be staying there while he recovers and then he will be on a pain medication protocol for as long as needed. We hope that someday that he will be weaned off and of course, the ultimate goal is that he finds the purrfect forever home.
So now, pics…I will show the ones from the meet and greet with Dr. Hurst then the surgical ones… and the last pic is the special blanket the Global Comfort Fab group has made just for Sam.
Our prayer on behalf of Sam Adams… stop declawing. If you have a declawed cat, please check their feet every year via Xray, if you have one that doesn’t use the litter box, get him checked immediately…ask for xrays!

Declawed Ziggy Has A Bone Infection And His Paw Bone Is Disintegrated-His Paw Needs To Be Amputated




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We were recently contacted about a very special cat in need. As a kitten, Ziggy was declawed which is now causing complications in his now adult, 7-year-old life. We must stress our goal with this post is to advoCATe for Ziggy and hopefully further eduCATe about the ramifications of declawing along with providing information about humane alternatives (see our partner organization, Alaska’s KAAATs Paws Need Claws Brochure).
Ziggy started having issues with his front right paw, an infection in the bone, a while ago, therefore he began treatment with his vet. When his owner felt he wasn’t getting the proper care he was referred to another vet who did an exam, X-rays and discussed the options. Sadly due to the damage to his paw from the Nocardia infection and the disintegration of the bone (which you can see in the X-Ray), amputation was the best option for helping him as advised by the specialist. His owner was struggling with this decision and asked to give him medication to fight the infection.
Sadly it wasn’t improving, however, thanks to the efforts of very kind people, his owner reached out to us for support. It was shared with us that the owner was not prepared to handle keeping Ziggy if he needed the amputation and had even considered euthanasia. We discussed his quality of life and what that would look like. His quality of life now is awful. Ziggy is in constant pain, has built resistance to antibiotics, struggles to walk and is 19 pounds! Having so much pain in his paw led him to be less active which didn’t help with his weight. We discussed that if he continues in this way, he will only suffer more. However, on the other hand, providing him with the amputation surgery would only improve his quality of life and allow him to live a much happier, active one.
We were in a bind at first. We wanted to be able to help Ziggy and bring him into our Mojo’s Hope program but had to make sure we had a quiet spot for him where he could be on his own as we work through his transition. Not only would he need a spot for recovery, but Ziggy also has never lived with other animals.
Thankfully we were able to arrange a purrfect spot for him and we picked him up on Thursday. His owner completed our owner surrender form, including an agreement about not declawing any future cats (if adopting again). We also received a generous donation towards his surgery which we appreciated.
Yesterday we took him into our fab vet at VCA Alaska Pet Care Animal Hospital and reviewed all of the diagnostics done, did a wellness exam and our vet is discussing the X-Rays with the specialist again. Since he was already consulted with through the previous vet, limb amputation is likely the way we will need to go. We are starting Ziggy on special food to help with his weight loss, along with building enrichment activities to help get him a bit more active in the interim. We have him on meds to help alleviate the pain in his paw and his surgery will be scheduled for as soon as possible.
We do not have an estimate on the amputation surgery yet, but based upon our previous experiences with amputations, we know it will be costly. If you would like to donate towards Ziggy’s surgery and care, we have several options:
1. The @venmo app we receive the funds without any fees. Just search for @mojoshope
2. Our PayPal link on our website:
3. Through the Facebook Link on this post.
4. Through the mail: 2440 E Tudor Rd PMB 896 Anchorage, AK 99507
Ziggy has settled in very nicely in his foster home and we are grateful we will be able to help him to have a fulfilling life free of pain and onto his next adventure once he has recovered.


Declawed Anastasia-Litter Box Issues-X-Rays Show Contracted Painful Paws-Needs Another Surgery

Anastasia went to see a special vet today who evaluated her paws since she had previously been declawed and has a history of litter box issues. Anastasia is thought to have pain in her paws because she doesn’t jump on things, doesn’t cover stool in the litter box and avoids using the litter box for urine. Her radiographs show how tiny and contracted her paws are. See how they curl? Paws should be flat instead of looking like the kitty is walking on their toes (which is painful). Anastasia will be having a procedure that will hopefully decrease her pain and increase the likelihood that she uses her litter box in January. In addition, this old girl has early signs of Polycystic Kidney Disease. Some might think it is crazy to save an old cat with problems. You would have to meet Anastasia. She is incredibly sweet! At Boone County Animal Care, EVERY CAT MATTERS!
Want to help with Anastasia’s vet bills? Please send us a donation.


A “Licensed Professional Veterinarian” Declawed Mishka on ALL 4 Paws AND Removed All His Teeth


The NY veterinary associations successfully stopped our Cat Protection Bill in NY on Saturday. This bill would have protected cats from being declawing by these “licensed professional veterinarians.”

The big pro-declaw Veterinary Associations like the NYSVMS, AVMA, and all the other state vet associations told the NY legislators that the decision about declawing should be in the hands of the veterinary profession and not the government or social media.

These unethical NY veterinary leaders say, “we are not willing to let government decide what’s best for our patients”, “allowing legislation to ban us from doing a medical procedure is a dangerous precedent”, and that declawing has “allowed countless families to keep their feline companions.”

Well my friends. The hard, cold facts are that most of the pro-declaw veterinarians can’t be trusted that they are counseling clients about the humane alternatives, doing it as a very last resort,  giving their clients accurate declawing information, and following the guidelines that these veterinary authorities have put out.

In fact, most of them have failed over and over and over and over, year after year and it’s time for the “government AND social media” to step in! 

They declaw as a first option and don’t want to lose cat clients, don’t want to take the time to educate cat owners that declawing is really bad for their kitty cats, and gosh darn it, they enjoy the extra income it brings so they can use it for European vacations, fancy cars, and all the other fun things that life has to offer. NYSVMS Declawing Propaganda

But what about the cats folks?

We can’t even trust many of these veterinary leaders to practice what they preach. NYSVMS President & Officers & DeclawingBORDER

 I’d like for you to meet Mishka, a 4 yr old Siamese kitty.Mishka

According this the nice folks at the Williamson County Animal Shelter Shelter’s Facebook page , when Mishka was 2 yrs old, his owner had him  , “declawed on all four paws and had all of Mishka’s teeth were removed because he was chewing on baseboards and things.”

Mishka, now 4 yrs old,  was relinquished to this shelter, because his owner has poor health and can’t take care of him anymore.

Yep, a trained, licensed veterinarian, who had years of education in the veterinary medical field, made the decision to perform these “medical procedures” on this poor kitty.

I’m happy to say that Mishka was just adopted from this shelter and if I can get photos and an update on him I will post them. Here is this Texas shelter’s website

Mishka may be in a different state than NY but there are many stories like his in New York.

The President of the NYSVMS said to her vet members when they were trying to lobby the NY legislators with their declawing propaganda, “This is your opportunity to preserve your right, as a licensed professional veterinarian, to ensure you can make medical treatment decisions that are in the best interest of your patients” and that the bill to ban declawing is, “detrimental to animals and their owners.”

Is she out of her mind to think that WE are stupid and believe her misguided words. Sadly, enough of the legislators believed them,  since our bill was stopped.

What kind of “leader” fights so hard in a profession that is ALL about healing animals to keep an unnecessary and inhumane procedure on their list of veterinary “services”?   What kind of unethical mindset is this to call an elective, non-therapeutic mutilating procedure a “medical procedure” and act like how dare anyone take it away from them.

Reminds of a big cry baby on a playground when they get their favorite toy taken away.

What ever happened to doing the right thing and first do no harm.

We must stop these pro-declaw veterinary professionals from performing this torture and cruelty,  in honor of the Mishka’s and all the other 22 million kittens and cats who sadly ended up in the hands of pro-declaw veterinarians who clearly always make the wrong choice.

It’s really sad but true. They can’t be trusted to make the correct decisions when it comes to declawing.

PLEASE ask your own vet if they would stop declawing cats and you can use this note if you want. Note to Your Vet

If they won’t stop amputating kitty toes and claws then kindly let them know you are taking your business to an ethical veterinarian who doesn’t declaw cats.  There are lists of these veterinarians on my website,,, and

Thank you


American Animal Hospital Association Victim-Crippled Ryder

Hi. My name is Ryder. Please share my sad story and tag your friends.
I was declawed at an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) hospital (supposedly the best of the best) in 2015 along with my brother and sister. We all suffered horrific consequences from our declaws and most of our paws were amputated. One of my paws was saved.
Abby has both her paws completely amputated and mostly lays on the bed and has to be carried 3 times a day to her litter box.😿💔
The declawing vet, Dr Glen Weber and the owner vet of the AAHA Hospital talked my owners out of using the humane options and said declawing is a standard procedure and we would be fine.
Well we’re not fine and our lives consist of a lot of unimaginable suffering and just laying around the house. 😿💔
Please take 20 seconds and sign this petition to AAHA to ask them to STOP allowing this inhumane and mutilating procedure at their Standard of excellence veterinary hospitals.…
Your voice matters!
If you don’t want the follow up emails from change .org then simply click on unsubscribe and you don’t have to donate to sign the petition.
More about the 3 kitties story here-
Their declawing vet had his hearing last week and it is looking like no charges will be filed against him for this barbaric cruelty.
Declawing vets are getting away with harming thousands of cats each day in America by amputating their toe bones and claws. Enough is enough. 😾😾😾
In honor of these poor kitties, please support our work on this cause and sign up on my mailing list.
This cruelty needs to end and we need your help.