Declawed Sophie-Returned Several Times For Litterbox Avoidance-Paw Project Client

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The Paw Project
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PAW PROJECT HELPS ANOTHER CRIPPLED CAT. Today was a big day in the Paw Project-Utah Operating Room! Dr. Kirsten Doub and Dr. Timna Fischbein (of Best Friends Animal Society), worked together to repair Sophie’s paws! Sophie is a declawed cat who has been adopted and returned several times for litterbox avoidance. Dr. Kirsten Doub, Paw Project-Utah Director, was able to pass on her considerable surgical paw repair experience and skill set to another compassionate Utah veterinarian in the hopes that more cats can be helped locally…two compassionate and caring DVMs working together to save one cat that another DVM butchered by declawing it!



Declawed Dogs-How Can Veterinarians Declaw Any Animal? Who Regulates The Vet Industry??



By CassandraCat | Posted May 7, 2015

Here is something that you have to see to believe…a declawed dog! Paisley’s story starts 8 years ago when she was adopted from a humane society in Indiana. She was adopted by a woman who worked at a vet clinic. That clinic got in a new laser declawing machine and the woman wanted to “try it out” on poor Paisley. On that fateful day, Paisley was then cruelly 4-paw declawed. The woman did not like to hear the clicking sound Paisley made on the tile floor.

Then, this past May, Paisley found herself in a predicament. You see, Paisley and chickens aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. The owner got sick of Paisley chasing her chickens, and decided to have Paisley euthanized. Luckily a coworker stepped in who contacted a rescuer, who contacted another rescuer, who took Paisley in.

Paisley is just an angel of a dog! She gets along with all people and greets strangers enthusiastically, with a smile and a tail wag. She certainly does not hold a grudge, despite having ample reason to. Paisley seems to ignore most dogs, she’d probably be happiest as an only dog, but may do well with a calm male. She’s even good with cats! Paisley just turned 9 in June but that doesn’t slow her down. She is not overly energetic, but she still loves a good play session. Paisley is non-destructive and housebroken.

Paisley is also on medication for hypothyroidism. She takes her pills without problem in a piece of cheese. She is fully vetted and has medical records dating back to 2000.

Paisley is located in Lafayette, IN.

Please contact Karla at if interested in adopting Paisley.

Zoe Was Declawed And Then His Teeth Were Taken Out Because He Started Biting-PAW PROJECT Will Help Relieve Some Of His Pain


This poor cat Zoe, was declawed by his owners, and then when having behavioral issues with biting (very common in declawed cats that are in pain) they actually took him to a vet who agreed to remove his canines!!!! I wish I knew who did this to him. We will be working with Dr. Doub (The Paw Project- Utah) to get this boy in for an an evaluation and we will do everything we can to help him reach a point where he is no longer in pain! This horrific mutilation of cats must stop! Thankfully, Davis County immediately reached out to us on this boy. Even though they cannot currently touch him at all -they are taking great care of him until we can get him on pain meds and sedated for his evaluation. It’s even more horrifying that the vet who removed his canines did not educate these people on why this cat is in so much pain and being aggressive probably the same but that declawed him! Then further maimed him by removing his healthy teeth…. we will be setting up a fundraiser to help Zoe so please when you see the fundraiser go up help us help him! Please share this post and help us educate about ending this mutilation of our feline friends! #declawedanddumped #bandeclawing#pawproject

— at The Paw Project – Utah.

WARNING: GRAPHIC-Declawed Sam Adams Cat Needed Surgery On His Infected Paws/Infected Bones-Paw Project Operates


The Paw Project added 7 new photos to the album: SAM ADAMS’ PAW REPAIR — at Kindness Animal Hospital.
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Thanks to Dr. Suzanne Hurst, Paw Project-Oklahoma Director, of Kindness Animal Hospital for performing the surgery. Sam Adams had been declawed and was in pain and had trouble walking. He had his procedure on June 29, 2018. He did very well. Dr. Hurst found infection in his declawed toes. GRAPHIC PICTURES, SORRY. She cleaned out the infection and will continue to treat Sam during his recovery.


Oakley Cat Is Crippled & In Constant Pain From Declawing/Flat Paws & KoKo Cat Had Huge Bone Pieces-Both Cats Needed Surgery-Paw Project




Vet Tech Said Old Dull Nail Clippers Used To Declaw Cat-Fur Rips Off With Bandages

City the Kitty Advocate for Animals
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Most cat owners who declaw their cats see cute photos of their kitties like this after they’ve barbarically had their toe bones amputated.
In the comment section is a GRAPHIC photo of what often happens after they unwrap the bandages. (photo of kitties isn’t related to the photo that the vet tech sent me)
The world needs to see the truth about what is being done to around 10 million cats a YEAR in America by unethical declawing vets.
Here is the sad note I received from a vet tech last week.
Dear City,
I have been a vet tech for many years. For the past several years I have refused to participate in the declawing of cats. However, in the animal hospital I most recently worked for, a best of the best accredited veterinary hospital on the east coast, I still had to deal with declaw recovery, pain management, and horrid bandage removals.
Here is a photo from a very real bandage removal. For some cats the removal of their bandages is so painful that they need to be put under anesthesia AGAIN in order to remove the tape and gauze, often the gauze sticks to their dried, bloody paws, and well, you can see how much fur the tape rips off.
The vet used an old pair of nail clippers to declaw cats. The techs cleaned and sterilized them as best they could but they were never sharpened. I no longer work at this practice, but unless declawing becomes illegal, this barbaric procedure will continue to go on.
I saw it.
I held those darling cats as they woke up in agony. It’s not okay. We know better, so we need to do better. Thanks City.

A concerned vet tech


Declawed & Dumped-Egret & Maddie-Have Toe Joints That Wouldn’t Fully Extend From Years Of Walking Abnormally

Egret & MaddieAlbumsEgret & Maddie
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This is Egret (Black & White) & Maddie (White) from our friends at the League City Animal Shelter just south of Houston. These poor girls were surrendered for unknown reasons. They were taken to see Dr. Nicole Martell-Moran at the Feline Medical Center in Houston for a paw evaluation last week. A couple of very small bone fragments were seen on the Xray however they are so small that surgery is most likely not going to be beneficial for them. On physical exam Maddie would not allow her back to be pet and tried to bite multiple times and both had toe joints that wouldn’t fully extend from years of walking abnormally. Both girls had small shriveled paw pads with small pressure sores on them. A pain and anxiety medication trial will be started for both cats that will hopefully increase their chances of finding a forever home. Please wish them luck as we continue to work with them to relieve their discomfort!