Stringtown Animal Hospital, Grove City, OH, Botched A Declaw & A Spay On Chicken Cat & They Refuse To Acknowledge Their Malpractice

This is one of the reasons you should NEVER trust a declawing vet or declawing veterinary practice in our opinion.
This is Tabby the cat. (Formerly known as Chicken the cat.)
She was spayed and declawed at an animal hospital in Ohio.
According to the owner of the cat, a vet tech at the animal hospital told her that declawing was the best option, highly suggested it, and even tried to reassure her by saying she had her cats declawed.
Tabby’s toe bones were sliced off with a scalpel and she has had lots of issues with limping and pain from the declaw. She was finally diagnosed with tendon contraction from her toe bones being amputated. She is still holding up her paw which indicates she still has discomfort in her paws.
The declawing vet and vet practice would not take any responsibility for the problems with Tabby’s paws from her declaw and told the owner they did all they can do with Tabby (Chicken) and that it’s best she take her somewhere else.
She had been showing signs of being in heat for quite awhile.
Today she had surgery and the doctor found that a whole ovary was left behind and also remnants the other ovary.
Tabby has been through so much unnecessary suffering and pain.
We are taking care of all her medical expenses and want to thank those of you who have donated to help her.
If the donations go over Tabby’s medical and surgery costs, then they will be used for any future medical costs for her, or for our other nonprofit campaigns and work.
Please go to our website and sign all our petitions in honor of Tabby the cat.


Declawed Lynx Had Bone Fragments And Claw Pieces Growing Inside His Painful Paws



Declawed Millie And Lucky Were Relinquished For Aggression-Their Paws Are In Pain

This is Millie and Lucky from Save A Purrfect Cat Rescue. They were brought to Dr. Nicole Martell-Moran at the Feline Medical Center in Houston for a paw evaluation recently. They were both declawed years ago and recently relinquished, now exhibiting unpredictable behavior including aggression. They truly are sweet cats, just misunderstood.

X-rays showed each cat had 1 single bone fragments present and some potential back pain (video in comments). Thanks to donations to The Paw Project these sweet girls were able to have surgery to remove the fragment. Unfortunately their claws cannot be restored but we can attempt to improve their quality of life the best we can. They may need long-term pain management but at the very least the “pebble in the shoe” was removed. Wish them luck in their journey!



The Joys Of Caring For A Declawed Cat-In Constant Pain-Not Using The Litter Box

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The joys of caring for a declawed cat who is in constant pain/has chronic UTIs due to stress from pain 😓💔. I GUARANTEE that Sullivan would have been a complete angel like my Vinnie is for nail trims, but someone paid an unethical vet to cut his toes off. I taught Vinnie the “paws” command when he tried to sharpen his claws on inappropriate things. Now he only uses his designated scratching posts and literally gives me his fuzzy feet for our nail trimming bonding time. Sullivan is in so much pain and under so much stress from his paw arthritis that I have to use an outdoor plastic rug with puppy pads under his litter boxes for when he avoids peeing on litter (even the soft kind I use). All declawed cats have pancake paws and get arthritis within a few months – even if they do not show obvious signs. People forget that cats are prey animals and hide their pain INCREDIBLY well. Today I shampooed carpet, hosed off the plastic rug, washed the litter mats he has to pee on when he’s in too much pain to use a litter box, and added new puppy pads. I’m hoping that I do not have to do this all over again tomorrow. All of this suffering and work could have easily been avoided with BASIC education and compassion. #pawsneedclaws #declawed #declawingiscruel #declawedcatsareinconstantpain #declawing #catlovers #housepanther #catsofinstagram #kittygram #rescuecat #specialneedscats


Declawed Toby’s Paws Were In Constant Pain-Bone Fragments Were Left Behind

Rose Purcell

So this is Toby the cat I rescued he was declawed which many people know is in humane but for people who don’t I’m sharing this post. He got x-rays done and it showed both of his declawed front paws have bone fragments left behind from the surgery. This is incredibly painful and will require surgery to correct and get him out of pain. It will also have to be done by a specialist which is expensive all because someone declawed him. #adoptdontshop #declawed #catsofinstagram #rescuecat



THE PAW PROJECT-One Vet’s Experience With Declawing


Dr. Jordyn Hewer is a shelter vet in Quebec who sees many declawed cats who lost their homes and were relinquished to the shelter. Here are heartbreaking pictures of infections, exposed bone, claw regrowth, and abnormal pads in the feet of declawed cats. Dr. Hewer is the author of “The Theory of Mammalian Life: How the Controversial Issue of Declawing Cats Can Open the Animal Welfare Discussion”, which is available from Amazon.